Leah Caroline Bryant
July 13, 2001
4 pounds, 4 ounces
17 inches

Sarah and Leah

Mommy and Leah

Sarah holding Leah's hand

Shannon and her babies

Sarah giving Leah a hug

Leah on the ventilator

Much to our surprise, Shannon's water broke on July 4
- two months before her due date. She spent the next 9 days in the hospital,
with no signs of labor. On Friday, July 13, she started having contractions
at 10AM. 6 hours and 2 pushes later, Leah was born.

Leah is 8 weeks early. She began life outside of Mommy

by being rushed to the intensive care nursery. They quickly had her connected
to a ventilaor, because her premature lungs were not quite doing the job.

By Saturday, the doctors had decided that Leah could breathe

on her own. They removed the ventilator, and switched to a simple oxygen

By Sunday at 1:30 AM, Leah had been "weaned" off the oxygen

tube and was breathing completely by herself. At 3 AM, a feeding tube was
inserted, and she received her first meal. We hope Shannon will be able
to try and feed Leah within about a week.

Sarah is in love with her new sister. On one visit, when

Leah started to cry, Sarah held her hand and said, "It's OK Leah, you'll
be OK." Then Sarah sang four songs to her. Sarah is very upset that we
can't bring Leah home.

Sunday at noon, they let us hold her for the first time.

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